Perhaps you’ve heard.

An extensive, July 2012 Centers for Disease Control survey concluded that over 47 percent of the U.S. adult population aged 30 years and older have mild, moderate or severe periodontitis – gum inflammation and disease around the tooth where bacteria multiply.


As we mention in our Preventive Care section on our Treatments page, researchers pinpoint gum disease as either a cause or contributing factor in heart attacks, cancer, stroke, clogged arteries, low birth weight babies, diabetes and more.


Dr. Maria Estrada and her team are dedicated to using family education, free tools, regular cleanings, state-of-the art technology and general and restorative dental care to reduce those numbers at Naples Plaza Dental Practice. Dr. Estrada is particularly alarmed that the study numbers further show that higher incidence of periodontal disease in:


  • Men – 56% (v. 38% for women)
  • African Americans – 58%
  • Mexican Americans – 67%
  • Adults with less than a high school education – 67%


These populations make up the majority of the patients here at Naples Plaza Dental Practice.


That’s why we’ve created a special place for family dentistry right here in Chula Vista, California. Our patients receive the highest quality dental care. Not only do we use the very latest in dental equipment, Dr. Estrada makes a point of attending the conferences and lectures that cover the latest in dental care research. She shares these findings with her staff of dental assistants, most of whom are certified dentists in Mexico themselves. In her 23 years of practice, Dr. Estrada has attended and even participated in hundreds of conferences and other learning opportunities.


The Dental Procedures You Need to Create the Smile You Were Born For Make the most of your smile with:


  • Preventive Care: Plaque builds up on the teeth every day. Even the best brushers need a dentist to remove it. Research has proven conclusively that those who take active steps to prevent gum disease and cavities also reduce their risk of heart disease, cancer, clogged arteries, stroke, premature and low birth weight babies, diabetes and more. Good long-term dental health habits help people avoid these debilitating events, complex procedures and hospital bills. At Naples Plaza Dental Practice, we share the latest and most effective preventive techniques to help you avoid fillings, crowns, scaling and surgeries.

  • General Treatment: Sharing decades of practice in several countries, Dr. Estrada and her team of specially trained dental assistants have restored the dental health and smiles of athletes, seniors, accident victims, children, smokers, the chronically ill and even those little ones making their very first trip to the dentist! We even create custom procedures and treatments for individual situations.

  • Prosthetic Denture Treatment: Painstakingly crafted, natural-looking prosthetic teeth let your natural good looks shine! Rest assured: your grandpa’s dentures are the thing of the past. Dental technology has advanced dramatically in the last decade. New materials and processes result in dentures that look much more natural and sit far more comfortably in the mouth.

  • Cosmetic Treatment: Dreaming of teeth whitening? Naples Plaza Dentistry in Chula Vista offers many paths to getting you that movie star smile. Hundreds of clients have already chosen our 100% safe, teeth whitening system that brightens teeth up to eight shades-far more than store-bought brands. Many more find their confidence and mood much improved with our beauty- boosting veneers, porcelain laminates or porcelain fixed bridges. We work with your budget to determine the best long term or short-term star treatments!

Dental Health and Beauty Courtesy of Your Chula Vista Family Dentist

Caring for your overall, long-term health by addressing dental issues is the responsible thing to do. Don’t put up with tooth pain, missing or chipped teeth, bad breath, yellow or gray teeth another minute. Everyone deserves the increased confidence and happiness that follows restorative or cosmetic dental work.


Naples Plaza Dental Practice puts patients first by:


  • Focusing on preventive care the helps individuals avoid costly surgeries and other procedures.
  • Welcoming all members of the family, centralizing and streamlining dental care to help family life run more smoothly. We provide. the special care that seniors need as well as an excellent experience for a child’s first dental visit.
  • Creating custom procedures and dental prosthetics should the situation call for them.
  • Utilizing digital radiology and photography, which drastically reduces harmful radiation.
  • Working with individual budget and insurance to secure dental care and robust oral health.
  • Working with individuals to create their own “million dollar” smile affordably with our Zoom Teeth Whitening System, veneers or laminates.


Have questions about tooth pain, broken teeth, bad breath, yellow or dull teeth? We’re happy to discuss any facet of dental health and care payment. Feel free to call us at 619-425-5323 or use our contact form.


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