Cosmetic Dentistry


You Only Get One Smile in Your Lifetime: Make it Brilliant!


According to an important 2011 study from the British Dental Health Foundation, a person’s smile is the second most important feature that people assess when determining attractiveness. The number one most important feature wasn’t even a physical characteristic. Can you guess what it was? Personality!


Allure magazine’s 2011 beauty survey, too, found that women are more attracted to a man’s face and smile than to his height or body type. That’s right guys, actor Matt Damon’s appeal skyrockets when he grins. Called, “the man with the million dollar smile,” trust us when we tell you that he didn’t come by all that whiteness and straightness naturally.


At Naples Plaza Dental Practice, we use Zoom Teeth Whitening because it can be tailored to our patients’ particular needs and issues. Not available in grocery stores, Zoom trusts dentists to choose the ideal light intensity and duration and craft the custom fitted trays that ensure maximum success. It whitens teeth up to eight shades within 45 minutes. Most importantly, Zoom Teeth Whitening has been proven to be completely safe. If you have questions or concerns about this procedure, feel free to call our friendly office staff at
619-425-5323 or use our contact form.


Your Very Own Million Dollar Smile . . . for Far Less
With one’s smile so critical to overall appeal (think career and business and social connections), investing in teeth whitening, veneers, porcelain laminate and bridges becomes quite cost-effective over a lifetime. Cosmetic dentistry optimizes that “one chance to make a first impression.” At Naples Plaza Dental Practice, we work with your budget and style to help you invest in yourself and your future with cosmetic dentistry.


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