Naples Plaza Dental Practice General Treatment


Cavities and gum issues get the best of us sometimes. When they do, Dr. Oliveria and her staff at Naples Plaza Dentistry keep things as fast, painless and affordable as possible. We’re proud to offer several options for each oral issue. After all, we’ve had decades of experience to go from.
Silver (Amalgam) fillings restore partial tooth decay, stopping small and medium sized cavities in an affordable way. Made of 50% silver/tin alloy and 50% mercury, many choose silver when fillings are needed in the back of the mouth where they aren’t as noticeable.
Those who have environmental and health concerns about mercury, however, tend to prefer our white (composite) fillings. These are stronger and do a better job on larger cavities. They’ve proven their power in stopping potential tooth fracture as well. White fillings are environmentally non-toxic and match tooth color more closely.

Severe Tooth Decay Doesn’t Phase Us
Tooth absesses, infections, serious erosion and decay can bring your life to a halt, preventing you from going to work and participating in activities with family and friends.
The faster you address serious dental issues, the more quickly you can get back to work and your routine. Keep in mind, too, that, even if we remove teeth, you don’t have to appear with gaps in public any time. “Immediate dentures” can be inserted on the same day as tooth removal. More, they come as complete or partial dentures. Tackle the situation and call or contact us today!


Many patients are surprised to find that dental inlays and onlays make tooth extraction and dentures unnecessary. We encourage patients to choose the most minimal intervention that still solves the problem and optimizes oral health. An inlay is simply an elaborate filling that covers the tooth surface. An onlay covers more of the tooth. Because these options effectively strengthen and reinforce teeth, we’re happy to recommend them whenever we can.

Naples Plaza Dental Practice Takes the Scary Out of Oral Surgery
Trust our expertise, anesthesia and the carefully chosen procedures at our state-of-the-art facility to help calm your nerves before, during and after any oral surgical procedure.
Why should you trust us? Because we hear, “Well! That wasn’t so bad!” several times a day. That comment results from decades of removing wisdom teeth and performing root canals on patients of every age, size and walk of life. We know how to make space for orthodontic, cosmetic treatment or overall dental health with minimal discomfort.
Rest assured, too, that the technology, medications and procedures have progressed tremendously since you heard Uncle Joe’s or Grandma Veronica’s horror story. One of the ways we help you relax is to explain exactly the steps we will take to relax you and block pain. Once you hear all the effort we expend to make you as comfortable as possible, you’ll know everything will be fine. A little knowledge goes a long way in curing dental procedure anxiety.
Have questions about an upcoming or possible oral surgery? We’re happy to talk you through it. Feel free to call us at 619-425-5323 or use our contact form.