Preventive Care


A Chula Vista Dentist that Focuses on Preventive Care


Did you know that excellent oral health boosts overall physical health?
People are often concerned that a cut on the skin leaves the body vulnerable to bacterial infection. Many don’t realize one of the primary places bacteria enters the bloodstream is through the mouth and gums. Doctors have proven conclusively that this invading bacterium, which often shows up as bleeding and painful gums, wreaks havoc in many of the body’s systems. Specifically, it plays a role in the development of:

  • Heart disease
  • Cancer
  • Clogged arteries
  • Premature birth and low birth weight
  • Diabetes

At Naples Plaza Dental Practice, we put as much effort into learning how to PREVENT cavities, bad breath and tooth extraction as we do in drilling teeth, scaling gums and making bridges and dentures. As doctors, our first duty is to the overall health of the patient. Since excellent oral care has benefits that extend far beyond the mouth, prevention is ALWAYS our first line of defense.

A few of the tools in our arsenal of preventive dental care include:

  • Digital radiography: Unlike the traditional x-ray that needs film and development, digital radiography sends its images to a com puter file so that patients can see results immediately. Further, it’s easier to control light/dark and contrast to illuminate certain spots. Most important, however, the digital image catches tiny fractures and imperfections that film often misses. With this capability, we are better able to encourage patients to brush in certain spots, thereby preventing or postponing decay.
  • Twice Yearly Exams and Cleaning: It’s not convenient; we get it, but getting to the dentist regularly saves patients from so much potential time, money and energy wasted in the long run. Why? Even the most conscientious brushers can’t remove the plaque and tartar that build up on teeth. It’s in these substances that harm ful bacteria lodge and replicate. Getting this material removed twice yearly not only keeps the mouth clean, it helps keep arteries clear, reduces chances of diabetes, cancer and the other issues listed above. Staving off the gum disease that results from bacteria build up keeps bad breath under control as well.
  • Fluoride Treatment: While San Diego and Chula Vista have fluoride in the water, fluoride applied directly to the tooth surface goes further in preventing decay than the low levels of fluoride ingested by drinking. Fluoride helps to build the protective minerals that coat the tooth. When the mouth’s bacterium combines with sugars from food, tooth-damaging acid is produced and wears away the minerals in the tooth’s enamel. Fluoride not only strengthens existing enamel, it fills in spots where enamel has be worn away in a process called “remineralization.” We want to ensure every tooth in our patients’ heads are powerful fortresses against acid invasion! (And yes, we WILL nag you until you pick up the good habits that make them so.)
  • Sealant: Heard of “soft teeth?” Just as some are more susceptible to allergies than others, some people’s teeth have a harder time fighting off acids. If you or a family member seems particularly prone to cavities, sealants can save you fillings, time and money. Sealants coat those tricky grooves in the back teeth where toothbrushes miss.