Prosthetic Denture Treatment


The Advantages of Dentures


While Grandma may have filled your ears with stories of pinching and slipping dentures, the past decade has brought amazing advances in both the materials dentures are made with and the steps involved in fitting them optimally. First, did you know that, in addition to helping you eat and speak comfortably, dentures:

  • help prevent the sagging of facial muscles that make you look older
  • help fill out the face, giving it shape and definition and preventing the gaunt look that can come with age; and
  • improve self-esteem and assertiveness by restoring your smile.


At Naples Plaza Dental Practice, we can show you just how soft and flexible dental prosthetics (dentures) can be. The development of new resins has boosted denture wearers’ happiness with their new smile significantly. Whether you need:

  • Complete dentures: replacement of all teeth in upper or lower jaw
  • Partial dentures: replacement of some teeth in upper or lower jaw, or
  • Denture Reline: a dental refitting to make existing dentures fit better and prevent soreness

Naples Plaza Dental Practice gives you the options for the most comfortable, affordable fit.